Our Approach

AT LHH, our extensive research and experience show that successful leadership development isn’t achieved through the application of competency models, multi-day offsites, or teaching complex theories, but rather through providing leaders with the skills they need to activate their proactive personality at every key career moment.

We take a human-centred approach, enhanced by AI to ensure every leader has access to the latest, most relevant, curated content available, across a range of modalities such as assessments, instructor-led sessions, and e-learning, enhanced and sustained through individual and/or group coaching.

Our approach to helping leaders reach their full potential is based on a few core principles:

Every leader is extraordinary
Their development journey should be just as unique as they are. Think Netflix for the world of talent development.

Never learn alone
Humans are intensely social beings and learn best in the context of their environment and within a network. The stickiest solutions use this to full effect.

Expertise at your fingertips
Mastering the key transitions in any career is not about learning from a guru. It’s about accessing the learning you need, when you need it, wherever you happen to be.

Coaching at the heart
Coaching delivers the highest individual and business benefits over a sustained period of time and we believe that everyone can benefit from coaching.

Hourly and entry-level workers are often hit the hardest by an economic downturn and require separation support to ensure their well-being.

In some cases, they may have fewer digital skills and could be living paycheck-to-paycheck—which makes finding work quickly on their own more difficult.

Our LHH Compass programme is tailored to meet the needs of your blue-collar and frontline workers because it offers personal guidance and support, and fast connections to jobs that are available now.

LHH Compass reflects more than 50 years of experience that LHH has as the leader in career transition and career management. We are here to help your employees through each step of their job search.

We understand that job transition may be an emotional roller coaster. That’s why our approach will help your hourly and entry-level workers jump-start their efforts and lead them toward their next opportunity.

The world has changed, and your leaders and managers need to embrace and develop new competencies and behaviours like greater empathy and EQ, resilience, agility, and virtual leadership.

The current state of leadership development is based on the flawed theory that everyone follows the same linear path to reaching their full potential. But in today’s business world, there are no straight lines in the path towards great leadership.

It’s time for a radically different approach that works for leaders and their companies.

We design development interventions around the key transitions and reinventions every leader faces, so they can reach their full potential through every stage of their non-linear, fluid, unpredictable careers.

Our leadership development modules come to life through adaptive learning journeys that enable personalised development across the key career moments every leader experiences.

When leaders are new to a team, function, or organisation, we help them step in with greater self-awareness to build relationships and hit the ground running.

When leaders are stuck and can’t move beyond where they currently are, we help them explore the barriers and step up to reboot their careers.

When the time comes to lead others, we help leaders move through the choppy waters of organisational life, where success is measured in terms of the output of others.

When you recognise the leadership potential of those who are on the cusp of greatness, we help them achieve superstar status. 

Coaching delivers the highest individual and business impact over a sustained period. That’s why we believe that everyone – and every business – can benefit from coaching.

With a 50-year history in human-centred coaching and a global bench of more than 2,000 coaches, we offer a full spectrum of coaching solutions to help leaders and organisations reach their potential.

Premier executive coaching
For C-suite, Board members, and Executives looking to take their business or career in a new direction, our premier executive coaching delivers bespoke, white glove support.

Signature 1:1 coaching
For individuals looking for personalised coaching support, our Signature 1:1 coaching enables tailored goals and leverages assessments that support growth.

Group coaching
For in-tact teams, project teams, and groups looking to advance their performance, our group coaching solutions provide a foundation for team and groups to collaborate more effectively through insights, awareness, and shared reflection.

Build a coaching culture
For organisations looking to advance their performance through coaching, feedback and trust, we can help you build coaching capabilities in leaders across your business. Our programmes can be integrated with existing development programmes or used to develop an International Coach Federation-certified pool of internal coaches.