3 Things You’re Getting Wrong About Organizational Change

In the best and worst ways, change is the only constant thing in the world. In fact, the current workforce needs to adapt to many changes quickly, especially with the status of our economy.

Organizational change can be overwhelming—and even a disaster—for employees and employers when not managed properly. Some are uneasy or hostile to this process, making many company-wide changes more difficult than necessary. But are all changes truly disadvantageous? Here are 3 things you’re getting wrong with organizational change:

Organizational change would only cause complexity and chaos

Many organizations today are compelled to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing business environment. Companies that remain stagnant or apprehensive to change just wouldn’t thrive or survive long.

Transformational leaders are essential to help their employees properly deal with ambiguity. With the appropriate strategies for change management, good leadership can be cultivated. They will influence a culture open to innovation and promote an ongoing two-way communication between leaders and employees.

Organizational change would decrease motivation and performance

Resistance to change is often inevitable. Instead of looking at resistance as a hurdle, flexible organizations see this as an opportunity to hold a series of heart-to-heart discussions to better understand each other’s point of view.

Once employees are reasonably informed how certain changes would pan out, they would understand how these could positively impact the organization in general and how it would benefit their career development in the long run.

Organizational change has a start and end date

Like a contractual project, some organizations only implement organizational changes when needed and resume to their old ways the next day. However, as humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers puts it, “True change is a process, and not a state of being.”

More companies should be more welcoming to build a coaching culture to their employees. This would help them appreciate change as an ongoing endeavor that would keep every organization moving towards its betterment.

Finally, change comes in unforeseeable ways more often than not. Hence, we are called to adjust to retain and boost company performance. You can learn smarter ways on how companies can capitalize on today’s opportunities and overcome challenges by getting in touch with us via 0998-596-3391.

3 Things You’re Getting Wrong About Organizational Change
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