LHH Philippines recently conducted a valuable workshop on November 10, titled “Drive Accountable Coaching,” featuring esteemed LHH consultant Sir David Anthony. This insightful event was held in collaboration with The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

drive accountable coaching workshop
Participants share insights they have learned from the coaching exercise.

The main objective of this workshop was to empower leaders with the skills to instill accountability within their teams through effective coaching, fostering a coaching culture within their organizations. Throughout the session, participants actively participated in exercises designed to allow them to practice and apply new coaching techniques with their peers.

Drive accountable coaching workshop
Participants gather and eagerly listen to the speaker’s instructions on one of the workshop exercises.

The enthusiasm of the participants was evident as they wholeheartedly engaged with each other, skillfully integrating the coaching strategies learned during the workshop.

The Drive Accountable Coaching workshop is just one of the many offerings available through the LHH Learning and Development Program.

If you wish to learn more about our comprehensive range of workshops, please feel free to contact us at contactus@lhh.com.ph or use the website’s contact form to send us a message.