LHH Talks: De-stress Your Tech

destress your tech (3)

destress your tech (3)

FREE WEBINAR | February 28, 2024 | 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm | Zoom

Are you ready to de-stress your tech?

Technology. Where would the world be without it? It has improved the quality of people’s lives by providing immediate access to information, the feeling of being connected, and streamlining processes to make work easier. With all its conveniences, the negative impact of technology cannot be ignored. Sometimes there’s no escaping it, and it can become a source of stress. When technology becomes a stressor, this is called technostress.

Technostress is quite a recent phenomenon and generally occurs when people either struggle to use technology or over-rely on it. Technostress can cause physical, mental, emotional, and other symptoms, which are similar to the impact of traditional stress.

De-stress Your Tech examines how to identify technostress and looks at ways you can actively limit its effects on your life. This session is based on the research of Dr Matthew Whitfield, an expert in this field of work.

This short yet insightful session provides a preview of LHH Philippines’ Learning and Development program. Equip yourself and your team with valuable insights to navigate disruptions and technological changes effectively.

Don’t miss out—register now for this enlightening webinar!


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