Start building a truly renewable workforce today

Building the Truly Renewable Workforce

Active Placement

Drive talents to grow and re-invent themselves throughout their careers with a unique approach that helps navigate key career moments.

Our approach focuses on immediate redeployment needs that contain future-focused roadmaps to develop careers smoothly. We also offer Active Outplacement support for those who intend to grow outside the company.

lhh philippines active placement

Career Mobility

Invest in job-mobilizing programs that can help your company renew talent rather than replacing it.

Choose from our spectrum of career mobility journeys fit to address your workforce’s needs:

Our Redeployment journey is designed for employees who are at risk but could potentially be retrained.

This journey combines AI-driven skill matching technology, resume and interviewing support, assessments and coaching with upskilling and reskilling from General Assembly and LinkedIn® Learning to help redeploy employees before they are separated from your organization.

Career Management
Our Career Management journey offers career development resources for all – a longer-term interactive journey that connects learning to internal job mobility options and in-role growth support.

Employees stay up-to-date on recommended actions for career growth and development, view changes in their industry,
and access resources that will help them acquire and build new skills over time.

Career Boost
Our Career Boost journey trains people with transferable skills using targeted skill-building experiences to grow your team and drive engagement while identifying internal source options for lower-cost workforce planning.

lhh philippines career mobility

Reskilling & Upskilling

Pave the way to a better future with the resources you need to upgrade your skills.
Our partnerships at General Assembly, LinkedIn Learning and Faethm can prepare you for your next job.

LinkedIn Learning is home to over 18,000 self-paced courses taught by industry experts in Software, Creative, and Business.

General Assembly provides assessments, upskilling, and immersive reskilling to transform employee skill sets in Marketing, Data, Coding, Product, and Design.

Faethm is a predictive analytics tool that helps us identify emerging technologies, affected roles, and realistic skill paths to create actionable solutions.

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Talent Matching

Get instant access to internal candidate profiles with AI-driven technology that recommends the best-fit candidates for your needs.

This skill-matching tool uses data parsed from resumes to rapidly match potential candidates with current
and future demand.

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