Tips For A Stress-Free Career Transition Process

Outplacement is usually fraught with challenges and may cause much stress to the organization and its employees. The proper preparations, as well as providing the right support for both affected and unaffected employees, make career transition easier, help open up opportunities, and exhibit the company’s responsible care and appreciation for the people who have been a part of the journey. For this reason, partnering with a reputable HR consulting firm has proven beneficial to many organizations.

If you are going through organizational changes, here are some tips for a stress-free career transition process:

Understand that career transition takes time

Career transition is more than just a transaction. Employees need time and the right support for retraining, reskilling, and redeployment. Rushing people through these transitions amplifies stress and potentially causes more challenges for both the employees and the organization.

Encourage empathy in leadership

Based on the Management Research Group’s studies, empathy is at the top of the list of 22 competencies needed for good leadership. Now more than ever, employees need leaders who can also be their coaches or mentors. Career transition can be overwhelming, but having outplacement services led by reliable people is the mark of a caring organization.

The guidance of knowledgeable leaders who are able to extend empathy helps employees build new strengths and confidence and makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Provide coaching opportunities

“Success in career transitioning is not only measured by how quickly an individual is able to move to a new job, but also by how successful he/she becomes in that new career.”

One of the most difficult challenges during the pandemic is future-proofing your workforce to prevent layoffs. Unfortunately, this may be inevitable for some companies or industries. It is, therefore, ideal to upskill employees, preparing them to either move to a different role within the organization or depart for better opportunities outside. This is where coaching makes a difference, providing targeted and meaningful support that delivers results, ensuring re-employability and success in their new roles.

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Tips For A Stress-Free Career Transition Process
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