Top 4 Competencies You Must Have to be a Visionary Leader

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The concept of leadership is undergoing rapid changes, presenting leaders with various facets of transformation. Despite these shifts, the fundamental essence of leadership remains unchanged. In 2024, leaders are not only tasked with adapting to technological advancements like remote work, hybrid setups, and increased workplace diversity, but they must also cultivate a compelling and goal-oriented vision for both themselves and their teams.

So, how does a leader transition from merely following a checklist to becoming a visionary leader? Let’s first understand what defines a visionary leader.

While the term “visionary leadership” may be familiar, its true value is often underrated. Visionary leaders go beyond setting goals; they excel in painting a vivid picture that they and their team can perceive as clearly as a diamond. These leaders possess a profound understanding of what progress should look like and maintain the belief that, even in the face of challenges, the path to realizing their vision remains feasible.

To gain a deeper insight into the concept of visionary leadership, we turned to our LHH Consultants. These professionals, with years of experience in coaching leaders to embody visionary leadership, shared their perspectives on what it truly means. Here’s what they had to say:

what is a visionary leader?


In essence, visionary leaders possess a clear vision for both themselves and their teams.  They not only provide precise guidance but also actively involve everyone around them, making them integral contributors to the shared vision.

So, how does one become a visionary leader? Here are the top 4 competencies one must have to become a visionary leader:

1. Visionary Leaders Learn from The Past
Visionary leaders possess a keen awareness of the pivotal experiences that have shaped them into the leaders they are today. They recall the defining moments that contributed to their leadership development. In the face of challenges, they draw lessons from their past experiences, using them to share valuable insights with their team.

2. Visionary Leaders Have a Personal Vision
Visionary leaders go beyond setting collective goals for their teams; they also establish personal visions and timelines for their individual growth. Proactively advocating for themselves, these leaders maintain a clear understanding of their current position and strategically position themselves for future milestones.
They meticulously examine the gap between their present state and their envisioned future, identifying potential challenges. By creating a detailed vision for their personal journey, devising a strategic plan, and acknowledging their strengths, visionary leaders pave the way for their own success while leveraging their unique qualities.

3. Visionary Leaders Bring Authenticity to The Team
Visionary leaders proactively practice self-advocacy, authentically and strategically sharing their achievements and aspirations with others. They seize the opportunity to communicate their successes, aiming to inspire and motivate those around them without coming across as arrogant. Fearless in highlighting their accomplishments, these leaders comprehend the impact of their journey in uplifting and encouraging their team members.

4. Visionary Leaders Know Where to Grow
Visionary leaders do not passively wait for growth; armed with a vision for themselves and their team, they proactively take steps to move closer to their goals. This proactive approach includes understanding when to let go and when to seek help. They actively participate in training and workshops, sculpting themselves into their visionary selves. Unafraid of exploring new avenues for self-discovery, they not only enroll in workshops but also encourage their teams to do the same.

In the realm of visionary leadership, the journey can be challenging without a clear understanding of one’s identity and leadership strengths. Hence, revisiting these four core competencies becomes crucial to ensure alignment with the path to becoming a visionary leader.

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