Uncertainty on Job Security

Any kind of job instability is nerve-wracking for anyone. The looming unknown feels more damaging to our health than losing the job itself.

The brain usually recognizes this kind of psychological setback as a threat; our fight-or-flight response is activated, releasing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. Muscles tighten, breath gets quicker, blood pressure rises, and heart rate gets faster.

Learn how you can cope with uncertainty through these steps.

Accept the things you cannot control.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing is certain in this world. The same goes for companies who undergo transformation. It may sound bleak, but every end is a new beginning.

Coming to terms with the expectations you have for your company and the career path you’ve chosen to take can help release the burden of living in fear. It may even help you become more resilient during challenging times.

Strategize with what you currently have.

Perspective is the most important thing you can control when you’re in a situation you can’t control. Your company may be undergoing a panic-inducing business transformation, but it’s crucial to stay calm and level-headed even in this type of case.

Check current job listings to see what employers are looking for today. Explore your current skill set and sign up for workshops, short courses, or certification exams. Update your resume and polish up your portfolio with your best work.

Train yourself to fight stress signals.

It’s one thing to tell yourself everything will be okay—it’s when you take care of the mind and body even when you’re stressed that makes it a different ball game.

Adopting unhealthy coping mechanisms will never do you any good. Let go of the victim mentality that workforce transformation is the reason why you’re miserable; instead, empower yourself by not letting the disruption define you. Keep working on yourself.

Cut yourself some slack.

Most importantly, give yourself a break. Overthinking about drafting your back-up plan may eventually lead to rumination, prolonging stress, and ultimately damages the telomere: a crucial part of our DNA.

Find time to bring simple joys into your life even when you can’t help but be worried. Immerse yourself in hobbies you enjoy, or talk to your friends and loved ones over a nice meal.

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Uncertainty on Job Security
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