Why Female Leaderships is Important During COVID-19

Women, in particular, experience unprecedented job losses globally because of COVID-19. It is reported that they are 24% more likely to lose their jobs compared to men, despite their great contributions before and during the pandemic:

Better leaders during a crisis

A study based on a specifically constructed database for 194 countries, found that COVID-19 outcomes, involving the number of cases and deaths, were systematically better in countries with women leaders. In support, another study looked at governors in the US and similarly found that female-led states had lower fatality rates.

More decisive during COVID-19

The results of the studies mentioned above, exhibits gender-differences in attitudes to risk and uncertainty. Female leaders reacted more quickly and decisively in the face of potential fatalities. In almost all cases, they locked down earlier than male counterparts in similar situations.

There is always a double standard when it comes to men and women’s decisiveness, favoring the former. However, men and women actually equally struggle in this regard. Women are just more likely to be collaborative, which lets them come up with more informed decisions later on.

Averse in terms of risking human lives

Risk-aversion is something that men and women possess but in different domains: As leaders, men are more likely to preserve the economy while women are more likely to prioritize human lives. This difference in their decision-making styles is crucial to creating a more diverse but stronger decision-making body, composed of leaders who can discuss solutions in every aspect that matters.

In the end, many people expect their leaders to make progressive efforts that come from a place of honesty. This is rather than being mere ticks in a checkbox for short-term appeasement. Once organizations accept that their strength lies in diversity and inclusion, they are already one step closer to innovation and success.

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Why Female Leaderships is Important During COVID-19
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